Restoration/Floor Care

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  • Carpet Cleaner/Extractor

    Carpet Cleaner/Extractor

    3 gallon clean water capacity, Self contained unit.

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  • Cleaner, Carpet Dry/Host

    Cleaner, Carpet Dry/Host

    dry carpet cleaner

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  • Dehumidifier


    Removes moisture from the air after flooding or water leak.

    Ebac / Dri-Eaz 80    $40. PER DAY (aprox. 80 pints per day  @ AMAH 80’F/60% RH)

    Dri-Eaz 1200:    $50. per Day (aprox. 120 pints per Day @ AMAH 80’F/60% RH)

    Dri-Eaz 1400 (Extra Large):     $95. per Day (aprox 140 pints per Day  @ AMAH 80’F/60% RH)

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  • Detector, Humidity – Humiport

    Detector, Humidity - Humiport

    Thermo Hygrometer-Tester,Measures Humidity and Temperature in an environment. Helps analyze production of Dehumidifiers and Restoration progress.

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  • Fan Carpet Dryer Air Mover

    Fan Carpet Dryer Air Mover

    Squirrel cage fan with extended outlet to put under carpet. Dry Floors and Carpets. Expedites Drying/Flood Restoration when used with Dehumindifiers

    Single Speed $15. per Day

    Three Speed large $20. per Day

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  • Floor Polisher

    Floor Polisher

    175 rpm. for stripping and waxing floors. Sanding attachment available for smoothing concrete floors.

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  • Generator, Ozone

    Generator, Ozone

    Eliminates Fire & Flood Odors as well as the solution to other Severe Odor Problems

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  • Grinder, Floor-Diamond

    Grinder, Floor-Diamond

    Available for additional Charge :”Diamond Grinding Blocks” will Grind Concrete and Thin Set or Scraper Blocks to Scrape  glue  or paint

    Single Head $95. Day

    Dual Head $130. Day


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  • Meter, Moisture Detector

    Meter, Moisture Detector

    Tester-Measure moisture/humidity levels in wood, drywall, carpet and other non-conductive material. Hammer probe attachment available for testing subfloors & framing. Analyse dehumidifier Need/Progress

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  • Probe, Hammer-Detector

    Probe, Hammer-Detector

    Tester, Accessory to Moisture Meter(GE Surveymaster)measures moisture humidity levels in hard suraces such as Subflooring and Framing. Analyse dehumidifier need/progress


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