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  • Generator, Quiet

    Generator, Quiet

    Quiet run generator, ideal for running pa systems or other uses that require a low noise level from your generator. Available in 1.7Kw, 2.8Kw, 3.2Kw, 4.3Kw. Also features clean power generation for sensitive power requirements such as computers or telelphone systems.

    1.7Kw – 3.2Kw   $50. Day

    4.3Kw  $60 Day

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  • Glass Ware

    Glass Ware

    Martini, Goblet, Fluted Champagne, Beer Pilsner

    Champagne Toaster, Whiskey Sour, High Ball 12oz, Wine Glass, Cocktail

    High Ball 8oz, small(Ball) Wine, On The Rocks, Water Goblet

    Punch Cup, Old Fashioned, Sorbet Glass, Stemless Wine

    All Glass Ware .50 cents w/Exceptions: Stemless Wine .55 cents, Fluted Champagne, Martini . & Pilsner .75 cents


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  • Glass, Wine-Stemless 21 oz.

    Glass, Wine-Stemless 21 oz.

    Stemless Wine Glass, 21 ounce    .45 CENT EACH

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  • Grill, Charcoal (60″ x 20″ covered)

    Grill, Charcoal (60" x 20" covered)

    Charcoal gill with, lid 60″ x 20″ cooking area. Transportable in pickup truck or trailer.

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  • Grill, Charcoal (60″ x 25″ open top)

    Grill, Charcoal (60" x 25" open top)

    Open-top grill. 60″ x 25″ cooking area.

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  • Grill, Charcoal 6′ x 3′ Covered

    Grill, Charcoal 6' x 3' Covered

    Towable charcoal grill with lid and a 6′ x 3′ main cooking area and an available ~14″ x 6′ upper rack. Also has a prep board that hangs on the front and runs the full width of the grill.

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  • Grill, Propane 54″ Six Burner w/ Lid

    Grill, Propane 54" Six Burner w/ Lid

    Propane Grill, 54″ Six Burner, with Lid

    Propane Fuel at Additional Charge

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  • Grill, w/ Rotisserie

    Grill, w/ Rotisserie

    60″ x 25″ charcoal grill with rotisserie attachment

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  • Heater, Patio

    Heater, Patio

    Tall propane patio heater similar to what is seen on restaurant patios. Uses same propane tank as your gas grill. Propane tanks available for additional charge if needed.

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